The CBD content of Hemp Oil v/s Hemp Seed Oil

As with most industries there are some players that bend the truth for marketing purposes. Example whole grain cereal – it may have been originally made from whole grain, but by the time they have ground it, cooked it, baked it and added sugar and bunch of other ingredients is it really still whole grain? Many in the natural food industry would argue a resounding big NO! But yet it is sold with “whole grain” on the outside of the box and people fall for it with not much further thought.

Welcome to a the CBD market where it seems the same deceptive tactics prevail as in almost every other industry. So if you would like to learn the real difference between CBD Oil, Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil please continue reading…

Cannabis (also known as marijuana and other names) and Hemp are two varieties of the same plant species, Cannabis sativa.

Being of the same species, they are often assumed to be the same when using the term CBD, which has caused a lot of misinformation and confusion.

CannabisHemp plantHemp seeds
+- 17% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)Has to contain less than 0.3% THC to be sold legally0% THC
+- less than 0.15% CBDAverage of at least 12%–18% CBDOnly trace amounts of CBD
Cannabis can be used medicinally and therapeutically for chronic pain, mental health, and other health illnesses. But has very low levels of CBD.The hemp plant, or the oil extracted from the hemp plant, is rich in CBD. The hemp plant is also often used in clothing, rope, paper, etc.Hemp seeds only have trace levels of CBD. The seeds are pressed for oil which is used in cooking, skin care products, etc.
Low in CBD Rich in CBDVery low in CBD

In conclusion: Only the Hemp Plant and Hemp Plant Oil is rich in CBD

CBD marketing that may not be accurate!

CBD oil and hemp seed oil are often interchanged with each other and in many cases incorrectly referred to as the same thing. As a result many people think that hemp seed oil has CBD in it or it is the same thing. But the truth is that many hemp seed oil based “CBD” products actually contain a lot less CBD in them than they claim, if any at all!

How can you tell the difference?

As with any product you want to purchase always check the ingredient list very carefully, a lot can be revealed about the product from the ingredient list. Often companies will try and hide synthetic additives, preservatives, non-natural ingredients in the product but yet claim it is “all natural”. Well CBD is no different…. be aware of the subtle difference between hemp seed oil and hemp oil. We are in no way bashing hemp seed oil, hemp seed oil is an amazing oil with many many benefits. However it is not rich in CBD and any claim of containing CBD is not accurate. Only hemp oil or hemp extract (no seed) is rich in CBD.

If the ingredient list includes hemp oil or cannabis sativa oil then the chances are it is rich in CBD, if the ingredient list only includes hemp seed oil or cannabis sativa seed oil, although the oil from the seed is still an amazing oil the chances are there is very little CBD in it.

When reading the ingredients, look for CBD rich ingredients from the hemp plant itself, these are often listed as either cannabidiol, hemp, full spectrum hemp, hemp oil, hemp extract or Phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.