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As a practiced hunter, you understand that it takes consistent scouting determination and attention to every detail to attain the knowledge you need to be at the top of your game during the hunting season. With the Moultrie S-50i Game Camera from the Dan Moultrie Signature Series, you can take advantage of industry-leading capabilities, such as a 100-foot flash range using almost imperceptible iNVISIBLE Infrared Flash Technology, to claim your spot at the top of the pack. Stunning images in 20-megapixel resolution, along with the lightning-fast 0.3-second trigger speed, provide the ultimate in scouting tactics that give you a major head start in pursuit of your next trophy buck. Whether you choose to view your scouting materials in the field, thanks to a 2-inch full-color display, or in the comfort of your home, you can rely on the S-50i trail camera to be the centerpiece of your hunting preparations that puts you within range of a hunting victory long before you gear up and head out.

  • You can study rich details to know more about the nearby wildlife thanks to the capable 20-megapixel image quality and excellent 1080P HD video with sound
  • The s-50i uses 48-led invisible infrared flash technology to snap images of bucks up to 100 feet away, so you can attain a thorough view of nearby game animals, both Day and night
  • Even the fastest of bucks will have a hard time escaping the view of this trail camera with its reliable 0.3-Second trigger speed
  • A 2-inch Full-color display built into the camera, as well as compatibility with the Moultrie mobile System for accessing images and videos on your mobile devices
  • The Real tree original case pattern helps ensure passing game won’t be alerted to the camera’s presence
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