What is the difference between Hazelnuts, Filberts and Cobnuts?

If you love the taste of hazelnuts, you are probably not aware that these nuts are also called filberts or cobnuts.

The Connection Between Hazelnuts and Filberts 

In Europe, where hazelnuts are very popular, they are also known as filberts. Some historians believe the term filbert derives from the German vollbart. The word means “full beard,” Although the terms filbert and hazelnut are used interchangeably, filbert typically refers to commercially cultivated crops of hazelnuts.

In the United States

Although Hazelnuts may be known as filberts in Europe, in the USA they are also known as cobnuts or hazels. Although some say that cobnuts are a different variety of hazelnut, any difference is almost impossible to see once the nuts are shelled.

In Europe, France, Spain, and Italy are the main producers of hazelnuts, and in the U.S., Oregon is estimated to grow up to 98 percent of hazelnuts in the USA. Although the bulk of the worlds hazelnuts are grown in Europe and the Middle East, specifically Turkey.